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August 23, 2019

Utilize on-site search queries

When people land on your site for the first time, chances are they’ll be overwhelmed.

Unless your site is a one-pager, it’s not uncommon.

Most people tackle this issue head-on with a search bar, but some don’t.

And if you don’t, you are missing out on some amazing data.

One of the biggest hidden goldmines is laying right on your website and right within Google Analytics.

The on-site search terms report.

This report shows you the most common searches conducted on your site and the exact keywords used.

It gives you clear insight into what people expect to see when landing on your site.

To locate the report, navigate to “Site Search” and “Search Terms” under the Behavior report section.

You can leverage these searches for better sales by:

  • Using them as email campaigns
  • Using common products or service pages as recommendations or upsells
  • Creating new landing pages dedicated to specific search terms

The on-site search terms report is one of the best places to locate keyword data and leverage that data to help you drive more engagement and sales by providing what people most often search for.

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