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August 23, 2019

Get emailed versions of your top reports

One of the biggest problems with Google Analytics is the time it takes to extract useful data.

You can sift around for hours at a time trying to locate something that could help you boost conversions or sales.

The upside of a platform that allows for deep customization and hundreds of stock reports also presents a serious downside in complexity and creates an Ikea-esque maze of information.

Instead of browsing Analytics for hours on end to locate data that can help you increase sales, create custom reports.

To do this, head to the Admin section of your Analytics account:

Under the “View” section, select “All Web Site Data” and then find the “Custom Alerts” tab:

With custom alerts, you can receive email updates and text message notifications each time something happens.

Using the Alert Conditions, you can customize specific scenarios that you want to be alerted for.

For example, if your traffic declines heavily or goal completions (sales) tank over the last few days.

You can alert yourself of just about anything.

I suggest creating dozens of alerts for the most key information that you monitor on a daily or weekly basis.

This way you’ll spend less time checking different reports, and instead, can just be alerted by Analytics to tell you what’s happening.

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