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August 23, 2019

Deeper insights on customer behaviour

As we all know, the buyer’s journey tells us that people don’t just buy from you out of thin air.

Trust me. I wish that were the case.

Instead, users move through three different common stages before ever pulling out their wallets:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

In each stage, they are moving from understanding their pain point to evaluating options and making a final decision on how to solve it.

Supplement attribution with multi-channel funnel reporting

In addition to attribution reports, use the Top Conversion Paths report under Multi-Channel Funnels:

Using the Top Conversion Paths report, you can visualize the attribution data in a sequence.

This shows you the common order of how users discover your brand, become brand-aware, make considerations and complete purchase decisions.

You can use this data to drive more sales by leveraging each platform for their strengths.

Run assisted conversion reports for more specificity

You can also run assisted conversion reports to see what channels boosted the chance of selling to new customers.

To locate this report, head to Assisted Conversion under Multi-Channel Funnels:

In the table this report generates, focus on three main metrics:

  • Assisted Conversions: the number of conversions for which that channel showed up on the conversion path but was not the final driver of a sale.
  • Last Click or Direct Conversions: the number of sales for which this channel was the final interaction.
  • Assisted / Last Click or Direct Conversions: values closer to zero mean that channel was more likely to be the final conversion action.

Use this report to dive deeper into the reasons why each channel’s data is the way it is.


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