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October 22, 2020

How to unblock Google search terms report

Google filtered insignificant (but important) search terms from the reports

Recently, Google has made an unsurprising move when limit the Search terms report. Before September, 2020, all search terms having more than 1 clicks will be shown in the search terms report, but now, Google limit it to a new threshold.

Google’s statements “…Search Terms Report to only include terms that a significant number of users searched for…” and how significant is enough will remain as a question. Search Engine Land reported that 20% of the search terms will be invisible to the users. Read more here

However, I recently find out that we still can access these report from Google Analytics, as long as the auto-tag feature is turned on. The key idea here is Google hid the search terms in Google Ads, but they have not hidden them in Google Analytics

It should be noted here that Google Analytics and Google Ads are 2 totally different systems, and the data will not be accurate as the old search term report, but this is the best we can have right now.

How to see the search terms that has been filtered in Google Analytics

Now, these are the procedure you can follow to unblock the Google Search terms report:

Step 1: Make sure the auto-tag is turned on and Google Analytics and Google Ads are linked

Step 2: Visit Google Analytics, go to Acquisition, Google Ads, Campaign

Step 3: Choose secondary dimension, type search query, and click on search query.

Step 4: Click on sessions to sort the data by the number of sessions. These filtered search terms are likely to be the search terms having 0 clicks, 0 impressions and >1 sessions (it is not totally correct)

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