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October 9, 2020

The difference between All Element and Just Link

One of the most frequent questions I was asked is the difference between 2 types of click trigger: All elements and Just link.

All element vs just link click trigger

Basically, they are all click triggers, which means it is based on clicks to determine the tag is fired or not.

Just link is specifically used for “click on link”, and All elements is used for every click on website. Link click is any clicks on <a href…>, which could be a link to other sites, or may be click to call

2 examples that you will frequently met are:

  • <a href=””>Click here</a>
  • <a href=”tel:+84982129595″>0982129595</a>

Every link click can trigger both All element and Just link, however, if it is a normal click (for example, click on submit button) then it will only trigger All elements click.

To determine which one you should choose, just think that is the click you want to be tracked, are link click or not.

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